Tensegrity and Monocoque

Location: Foxborough, MA

Year: Spring, 2017

Professor: David Fannon

In constructing a structural system in the weight of the current political atmosphere, it is imperative that all forces that the building habituates are considered.In looking to environmental forces; embodied energy costs of materials, and consideration of the ground for groundwater, ecology, etc. are huge wastes in the building system. It is important for these effects of a building to be reduced.In looking to gravitational forces it is important that the design expresses not only the structure but also the understanding of how force moves through the building of the building through its form. By understanding the infrastructure through direct forces, people are closer to the systems that bring them shelter, warmth, and space.In looking to forces of human change, it is important that the building provides genuine comfort and the ability to anticipate changing program through adjustable form. By providing these structural systems with tools to sustain the interior of the spaces passively for the present and the future, the building infrastructure can begin to assume a form that brings comfort to everyday life within or around the structure.In looking to the forces brought on by natural disaster, it is important to consider the strength of the system in a dynamic environment and its ability to withstand lateral and vertical loads at the same time. By implementing a system that anticipates disasters in the future such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or sea level rise, the building can provide a safe enclosure to the public for many years

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